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About Professional Sprinker Systems

The company was formed by Ashley Griffiths and Gareth Jones. Quality, safety and service are the three focal points in everything we do. The team has over 35 years experience working in the mechanical and electrical industry. Professional sprinkler systems is unique that builds long term relationships with our customers based on our values of open and honest communication.

Our company is dedicated to designing and installing domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems to not only meet but exceed BS9251:2014 throughout England and Wales.

At Professional Sprinkler Systems, we are at the forefront of this new and important way of thinking. We have the qualifications and the experience to meet all your design and installation needs.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of work with our installers fully accredited to industry standards. Professional Sprinkler Systems guarantee a quality, reliable and professional service efficiently and safely carried out, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Domestic sprinklers
  • Spinkler systems
  • Design, install, commission, service and maintenance

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